Jaguarão  •  Rio Grande do Sul  •  11/30/2021

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With the initiative of Jaguar entrepreneurs, a group formed by farmers, cattle ranchers and merchants seeking the progress of the Heroic City and the desire that Jaguarão tread the path of evolution, are committed to participate financially in the construction of a Hotel in the city, the height of its glorious achievements and traditions.

In the 60s, after successive meetings held by the already formed board of directors, with the presence of the architect Heinz Mullender, hired to do the project, he told the directors that he would do the hotel decoration free of charge, in honor of Jaguarão. their entrepreneurs.

Finally on September 5, 1970, the Hotel Sinuelo is inaugurated. This inauguration was a landmark in the history of the city serving tourists and with them the development of the people and the municipal economy on the Rio Branco-Jaguarão border.

Enlarge - Facade of Hotel Sinuelo
Enlarge - Reception
Enlarge - Lobby
Enlarge - Lobby
Enlarge - Lobby
Enlarge - Lobby with TV
Enlarge - Lobby
Enlarge - Waiting area at reception
Enlarge - TV room
Enlarge - Corridor of the Hotel floors
Enlarge - Barão de Mauá International Bridge
Enlarge - Barão de Mauá International Bridge
Enlarge - Barão de Mauá International Bridge Hotel view
Enlarge - Mother Church of the Divine Holy Spirit
Enlarge - Clube Harmonia, a beautiful example of eclectic architecture, built in 1884.
Enlarge - Dr. Carlos Barbosa Gonçalves Museum
Enlarge - Eclectic architecture
Enlarge - Slotted doors plus an attraction for architectural tourism
Enlarge - Freedom Monument
Enlarge - Alcides Marques Square - Early 20th century
Enlarge - Free shop